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Social Media Marketing

Posting content to the right channels at the right time, which means scheduling posts with the right mind frame and in the right space. I will be asking questions that reflects your business needs , whether it is B2B content on LinkedIn or business promotions on Facebook, I will handle what is needed.

Photo & Video Creation

I have a deep understanding of consistency and quality if you are targeting a specific audience then live videos and pre-recorded content are what stands out. Constantly updating your channel with fresh photo grids and explainer videos will definitely leave your audience wanting more. 

Community Outreach

Social Engagement outreach is simpler than it sounds. I believe that it is important to constantly engage your followers. I like to engage customers with live webinar events, contests, and other interactive events. This way, we have your audience feeling like they are contributing to your branded community.


As a filmmaker by education and experience, I am passionate about screenwriting in different realms e.g. TV pilots, web series and fictional short contents.


Tasnim Hindeyeh

Digital COntent Creator

About me

am a Chicago based digital content creator & storyteller. I started my creative journey on film sets and eventually progressed my career in video advertising and social media marketing.

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